CD  Recording ~ "Effervescence" ~ 2018

You can see here the drafts for the Artwork for the CD, recorded in May

There is a track list on our website which may be easier to see ~ Click here for details

CD production has been delayed

On the day of recording there was a power cable failure in the street outside.

There was a power cut followed by intermittent problems for the rest of the day once power was restored.  

The electricity people were digging up the road to do repairs all day long. 

There were constant power surges which caused havoc with the sensitive recording equipment.

The result is that we only have 12 tracks recorded instead of 15. 

We are having to redo the missing tracks in September. 

We hope to have CD's ready by the end of October.

You can pre-order CDs at £10 each


for details

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