Bromyard Symphonic Wind Band   

 Booking Conditions 2023


1         Performance Agreement between Bromyard Symphonic Wind Band, (the "Band") and you, the "Hirer".


2         The entertainment provided can generally be described as a "Concert Performance".


3         The performance will be provided on the agreed date, usually commencing at 7.30pm and ending at approximately 9.30pm,

           with a short interval in the middle. At weekends, an afternoon time might be available.


4         The Fee charged by the Band will be the greater amount of one of the following:

  •    An agreed flat-rate sum (An amount between £150 and £250)


  •    A Percentage of Ticket Sales ~ usually 50%  

       In certain circumstances, the fee may be negotiated in favour of the Hirer

           Payment of the Fee must be paid by the Hirer to the Band within 7 days of the performance


5          If the Hirer cancels the agreed booking, a Cancellation Fee may be payable, depending on the circumstances, and time of cancellation.

           This fee may be any amount up to the full expected income from the agreed booking, especially to cover any Performer Expenses.

           Any Cancellation Fee will be decided on an individual basis ~ it is hoped that there would be NO charge if significant notice of

           cancellation is given.


6         There must be adequate space provided for the performance, which should be at least 55 to 60 square metres, as well as 40 suitable

           chairs for players. A suitable secure place for storage of players instrument cases etc., must also be provided.



January 2023 


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